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Winter Info

We have been providing the Western Wisconsin area with our mobile services on a seasonal basis over the past three years. With local support over the years we are thrilled to be offering our services year round.

**We ask that our clients bring their vehicles to our new location.**

**New location for our Detail Shop** 

** Available December 1st, 2023 **

Click Here for location


Monday - Friday

7 AM - 7 PM

Sat. & Sun.


More Info....

** Our mobile services will NOT be available. **

We want to make our services clear to everyone who is interested in keeping your investment looking it's best through our colder months. 

We ask that our clients bring their vehicles to our new location. 

Why we do not offer our mobile services during winter months?

1.) With the average temp below freezing, we will not allow our staff to work outside. 

2.) Not all of our clients have what we need at their location in order for us to provide the proper service. 

3.) The products and tools we use do not produce the results we want for our clients when temps get too low.

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